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So Different And Ahead Of Her Time

Episode Summary

He refers to himself as a 'seer'. World renowned astrologer, Bill Attride, shares stories of his mother Alice, the scientist. "Alice was magical. She was way ahead of her time and she was different. She liked that I was different too."

Episode Notes

Her dream was to become and archeologist, but instead she became a bacteriologist. As a scientist in the 1930's, one of Alice Attride's most memorable experiences  was when antibiotics became available and cured so many. She loved science, her children and she  loved helping neighbors and people of her community. Alice went out of her way regularly to help anyone in need.

Bill loved his childhood. Both parents encouraged stimulating the mind and the heart, structure and responsibility and fostering curiosity. Because of his upbringing, Bill loves to study and learn- so much so that as a young boy he would read the  encyclopedias A through Z and then  start all over again.

Bill feels truly blessed for her firm yet quiet reassuring love.

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