Should Have Listened to My Mother Podcast

“She Taught Me About Determination, Perseverance and Unconditional Love” with Guest Author and Retired Professor Emeritus, Robert W. Norris

Episode Summary

This is the story of a mom who was a dreamer and a rebel. She's one of a large family raised during the depression, so she knew well enough about hard work and empty stomachs. And according to my guest, Robert W. Norris (Bob), his mother Kay, was very, very fair to others, she was a great listener and didn't judge people.

Episode Notes

Kaye and her family traveled from to the Pacific Northwest and eventually settled in White Salmon, WA. In order for them to have food on the table and a roof over their head, they had to work hard.   With all those mouths to feed and though at times there wasn't much to go around, they felt blessed because they had each other.

Nothing could get in Kay's way.  Nothing stopped her from doing what  she wanted to do or what ever she had to do.  That said, the had to back up her decisions with a supporting argument. She thought things out very carefully and weighed her pros and cons, and then set her mind to it.

She loved her son and was never afraid to show it. Bob shares many wonderful stories that exemplify his mother's love. And "she got knocked down a number of times in life, but she always got back up," according to Bob.  Kay was married twice, was excommunicated from the Catholic church after her divorce, got her pilots license while being the only woman in class and became a legal secretary  in her  50's. 

Bob refers to his mom as "a trailblazer."

There are many more wonderful stories of Kay, that Bob  shares with me, on this episode of SHLTMM. More information below regarding  Bob Norris.