Should Have Listened to My Mother Podcast

"She Never Really Understood How Powerful She Was" with Jean Walters

Episode Summary

Jean Walters is a best selling author, meditation coach, personal growth consultant and more. Her mother taught her at a young age to be strong and responsible and "if I wanted something, I needed to go get it myself." Jean is a 'seeker' of knowledge and information and loves to help others overcome obstacles.

Episode Notes

Shortly before Jean Walters' mother died, she told her daughter " I never  understood you, but I really do respect you."  That meant a lot to Jean as the two had often butted heads over the years. The challenges with her mother early on in life influenced her career and that she is thankful for.

Jean's latest book,  "The Journey From Anxiety To Peace-Practical Steps to Handle Fear, Embrace Struggle and Eliminate Worry to Become Happy and Free,"  is a joy to read and spot on.  If you are not where you want to be in your life, career, family, home, it's within you and she can help you, says Jean.



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