Should Have Listened to My Mother Podcast

She Made Everyone Feel Special With Guest Bible Teacher and Podcast Host, Lyvita Brooks

Episode Summary

Born and raised in South Carolina and subsequently moved to Philadelphia, Lyvita Brooks and her mother were very close even though there was always a bit of friendly competition between the two women. Raised by a single mom, Lyvita was always very protective of her 'one on one' time with her. Her mother, Verdell, was the youngest of nine children and a Physical Education teacher loved by all.

Episode Notes

Lyvita Brooks says her mission in life is "to help people get the clutter out of their lives so they can go and do what God calls them to do." Lyvita is an author, bible teacher, founder of "The Me Project" and host of the podcast "Hanging Out With Jesus." 

 Lyvita credits her mother for inspiring her to write and love books. The book that my guest recently published, "Nugget's for Thought-A Mother and Daughter's Collection of Poems, Reflections and Flash Fiction About the Life They See," was published after her mother's death but  it was something that the two women had talked about many years earlier. Verdell was often reading and writing and it truely inspired Lyvita.

Verdell had this special magic that made each of her students and family members feel as though they were the most important and only person in the world, at that very moment. And her daughter was some what jealous of others taking time away from her being with her mother, including fellow family members.

As a Physical Education teacher in the same school that Lyvita attended in Elementary School  made it a little tough for my guest. There were more people competing for  Lyvita's mom's attention and that was sometimes tough on Lyvita.

"She inspired me to be me, to be Lyvita"  says Ms. Brooks. That was a huge gift to her daughter.  

 Currently, Lyvita is the host of Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast, founder of The Me Project Academy,  and Owner of LRW Publication, LLC, but God is the CEO of them all.




*Host of Hanging Out With Jesus" Podcast

• Lyvita's Books: “Nuggets for Thought -A Mother and Daughter’s Collection of Poems, Reflections and Flash Fiction About the Life They See”--- result of a young daughter keeping her promise to someday publish her mother’s writings. It contains raw, honest, and stimulating writing to remind us about the impact of the choices we make and that quitting is not an option.

“PSALM 91-Treading on Your Giants,” “The Me Project”-21 DAY JOURNAL. (It's for people who have lost their way,)                             and “Teacher’s Time Saving Tips”