Should Have Listened to My Mother Podcast

HOST JACKIE TANTILLO - If You Can Read, You Should Be Able To Cook with Guest Shirley Gordon

Episode Summary

“The Jewish quota is filled.” Hear the story of Shirley Gordon and her mother Fannie Hurwitz Schragis. Two different generations, but the same experience, decades apart. However, it didn’t stop Shirley from pursuing her dreams of becoming a teacher and a mother.

Episode Notes

From braving a grueling transatlantic trip from Poland, to sleeping on the docks in Port Chester, NY, Shirley's mother and her family never gave up their hopes of becoming American citizens.  Shirley's parents worked hard and provided for the family by running a General Store.

Luck would have it that a good book in a cozy nook brought pleasure to both women.  At 91, Shirley Gordon reflects back on her mother's life and all the good fortune she's had.  Interestingly enough, both mother and daughter aspired to be teachers. Both  were denied entry to the college of their choice because of religious discrimination.

Listen to find out what happened.