Should Have Listened to My Mother Podcast

HOST JACKIE TANTILLO - She Never Got The Chance To Be A Kid With Guest Podcast Host Steve McCurdy

Episode Summary

Steve McCurdy is an author, actor, former radio talent, film producer and director and podcast host of "The CrossRoad Diner" which Steve refers to as "a spiritual diner at the CrossRoads of life." His mother, Marjorie, (Margie) had a few seemingly significant crossroads in her life and Steve shares these stories and more on this episode of SHLTMM.

Episode Notes

Steve is a natural as a host. He found his passion for the radio business at the age of six, but wasn't able to fulfill that

dream till a little later in life.  

As you listen to the wonderful stories Steve shares,  you'll find out that he was raised by both his maternal grandmother and his mom.  "Grandmother was worthless until a crisis. Grandmother was my mother, my light. 'Mother', as he refers to his mom, was my 'dad'-the two women set up  those 'roles'," McCurdy shares.

You'll hear Steve repeat over and over again how magnificent his mother was -"a powerful, independent woman with a great, great mind, yet she wanted to be wild and crazy and she never really got to do that." Plus, Margie never went to college because any money the family  had went to Margie's brother's wants and needs.

Margie started working in a local bank  in Texas at 16 and because of her expertise, hard work and dedication over decades of running the Proof Department, she was able to apply for a  program through Southwest Institute Of Graduate Business Studies and SMU. Because she had never gotten and undergraduate degree, she was able to take an exam, passed the test with flying colors, got her undergraduate degree certificate based on her lifelong experience and the exam and became the first person to ever complete a Masters program at SMU without having actually attended college. There is more to this story  as it was taking place in the late 60's and the Civil Rights Movement. Steve's mother made a considerable effort to train the other female employees and not just overlook them because she knew they were intelligent and capable to do any job if trained properly.

There's so much more to Steve's story. Hope you enjoy this episode of SHLTMM.