Should Have Listened to My Mother Podcast

HOST JACKIE TANTILLO - Same Drive Different Generations with Dr. Susan Landers

Episode Summary

Dr. Susan Landers is a retired neonatologist with 34 years experience helping babies, mothers and families through trying times. Raising three children while practicing medicine full time was her inspiration for her book "So Many Babies" sharing the hard truths about juggling the roles of a working mother. It was her mother, Margaret, who she credits for the love of reading among other things. Dr Landers now realizes her mother taught her a lot more than she's given her credit for.

Episode Notes

Dr. Landers' mother completed her master's degree in library science and  worked  full time as a school librarian in the 1950's and  60's long before that was the norm for  women/mothers. "My mother grew up on a farm, lived through the Great Depression and met my dad, a WWII veteran after the war," says Landers. "She was a natural born giver, always looking after the needs of others," say the doctor.

One family tradition that Susan embraced while growing up, was the daily family dinners. She continued the tradition with her own family as she saw the true benefits of taking the time  to share each other's  day.

The second oldest of four children, Susan  had a  sense of independence from  a young age.  She new she wanted to study and work hard and no one was going to talk her out of relocating for an opportunity to train for her medical career.

Susan and  her mother didn't always see eye to eye and her father had a volatile personality.  Susan often wondered why her mother stayed with their dad and her response was "because I loved him."

After many years of not truly understanding why Dr. Landers worked so hard, her mother volunteered in the NICU at a Florida hospital, helping and holding babies. She finally understood why her daughter was so passionate about her career.    Susan's mother died at the age of 97 but it took the death of Susan's younger sister for their relationship to be rekindled.