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HOST JACKIE TANTILLO - "Passionate Mothers, Powerful Sons" With Guest National Bestselling Author and Historian Charlotte Gray

Episode Summary

SHLTMM is honored to have British born Canadian Award Winning Author, Charlotte Gray, with us to share her insight on her most recent release, "Passionate Mothers, Powerful Sons', The Lives Of Jennie Jerome Churchill and Sara Delano Roosevelt. Book release date is September 12, 2023

Episode Notes

Charlotte Gray did a masterful job leading us inside the lives of two distinct and charismatic women, each in their own right,  the mother's of two men who shaped the world in the 20th century. Gray refers to the two ladies as "delicious opposites," "one daringly non traditional, the other, so relentlessly old fashioned."

This dual biography, seemingly written so effortlessly by Gray, sheds light on personal and private stories of the true relationship of mother and son.  Both women were born in 1854 and raised their devoted sons to become some of the finest world leaders to this day. Franklin and Winston, since childhood,  had been given a strong sense of security and belief in themselves by their mothers, according to Gray's research. Though both women had very different styles of  raising a child, they were both brilliant and influential in their son's future. 

I highly recommend this interview. It was such a delight to speak with Charlotte Gray and  experience all that she uncovered in writing this book.

 Passionate Mothers, Powerful Sons

The Lives of Jennie Jerome Churchill and Sara Delano Roosevelt

Link to Wall Street Journal, Sept. 4, 2023 5:01 pm ET

'Passionate Mothers, Powerful Sons' Review: How Mastery Began at Home   The women who raised Churchill and Roosevelt were strikingly different: one a gorgeous spendthrift, the other a dignified matriarch.

By Meghan Cox Gurdon


 PHOTO CREDITS: Insert 1 B/W: Eleven-year-old Franklin was educated by private tutors, closely supervised by Sara. Courtesy of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library. 

Insert 2 B/W: Jennie with her sons Jack (left) and Winston, 1889. Credit: Keystone Press/Alamy: E0GYA8. Photo Charlotte Gray, Credit: Michelle Valbert.