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HOST JACKIE TANTILLO - My Mother Inspired My Passion For Food And Cooking With Guest Food Blogger Robert Crutchfield

Episode Summary

Marilyn Louise, Robert Crutchfield's mother grew up in Missouri on a farm. It wasn't until she moved to DC that she met her future husband. Her father basically told "her that that she did not need to go to college because she was going to get married!" Well, Marilyn was determined to work as many jobs as possible and get out of MO. She was determined to NOT be a farmers wife, and not out of disrespect to her family, who many were farmers. She wanted more out of life and "didn't want a husband with dirt under his nails."

Episode Notes

Robert Crutchfield is the founder of Crutchfield Cooks Food Blog and host and producer of Crutchfield Cooks Podcast. 

Robert Crutchfield is the eldest of three children and  my guest shares that they really had their mother to thank for helping them understand the significance of sibling relationships -they generally loved one another, again thanks to his mother. 

On the other hand, Robert says, "I loved my mother, but my mother was scary." She worked for the Director of the FBI, J Edgar Hoover , during the Korean War. And she didn't hesitate to say what was truly on her mind. 

Robert loves that his mom was an "avid reader and she desperately wanted to be a writer." She was  a little jealous that Robert was getting paid to write. She attended business school, but never completed her degree.  Don't think that that was going to hold her back in any way. 

Marilyn was determined to stay home with the kids when they were small, even though it was a financial struggle.  She began teaching her daughter how to cook and then she was determined to teach her two sons, because "she'd be hell bent if any son of hers starved because he didn't know how  to turn the stove on, " Robert recalls fondly. 

Proud of both his parents, Robert was determined  to share that his parents were a pair/teammates. They worked together raising the kids and they supported one another always.

Robert attributes his cooking  prowess to his mother, but also his paternal grandfather. He's been fortunate to have generations of chefs in his lineage. "I learned most of my early knowledge of cooking and food from her,"Crutchfield offers. 

"It was intimidating to me," says Robert as he was learning and meeting professional chefs. Yet he found that his mother had taught him some of the same techniques, just not a fancy name. Robert admits to 'reinventing himself' many times over and each journey has played a significant role in his life and what he's achieved in his life.

Rob truly enjoys writing his food blog-tweaking recipes after trial and error. He believes that he wants to hold his bar very high. He believes in credibility and want to deliver accurate information and recipes. 



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