Should Have Listened to My Mother Podcast

Children Are The Future

Episode Summary

"My mom was a truth teller. She didn't ask for anything. Her next door neighbor was her one good friend and all she did was work and take care of her eight children". My guest, Maryellen Valyo Cole, tells us all about her mother, Josie.

Episode Notes

Spirituality was a constant in Josephine's life. She relied on it daily to get through each day.  The shock, devastation and sadness of suddenly loosing her husband with 8 children to care for was overwhelming.

It seems that her youngest child,  had some of the answers, or so it seemed.  "She let me be me" says Maryellen Cole.   Maryellen considers herself very fortunate to have had such a strong and loving yet vulnerable mother who often had to put herself last.

Unconditional love, faith and letting Maryellen be herself were key to establishing a wonderful lasting relationship.